Call for poster papers

Sorry, the Call for Abstracts is now closed.


Abstracts are invited for poster papers to be presented at the Global Energy Systems Conference, to be held at ‘Our Dynamic Earth’, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 26 – 28, 2013


  • Abstracts should be a under 200 words in length.
  • Deadline for submission is Tuesday 30th April 2013. Early submission of abstracts will assist the reviewing process.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers from the Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Notification of acceptance can be expected by mid-May.
  • Abstracts can cover completed work, or work-in-process, and must align with the topics of the conference (see below).


Posters are invited for the following subject areas:

(a) Energy supply or demand in a global context. This can be analysis of one or more energy sources, or demand measures, in terms of scope for global provision. (‘Demand measure’ is a technology or policy that has the potential to reduce energy use.) Where the topic is more focussed it should have lessons of potential global relevance. Of particular interest are:

  • The changing supply picture for conventional fossil fuels.
  •  Scope for, and constraints on, supply of non-conventional fossil fuels.
  •  Scope for, and constraints on, supply of non-fossil energies.
  • Significant aspects relating to energy demand.

(b) ‘Systems’ aspects of energy use or demand, especially if of a global perspective, including but not limited to: EROEI issues; net-energy, investment, or other rate-limiting constraints to adoption of energy supply or demand measures; current or likely future costs of supplies, or cost-savings of demand measures.

(c) Expected impact of energy use, or demand measures, on GHG emissions. (The conference is not soliciting papers on climate change per se, but posters examining predicted GHG emissions from energy sources, or demand policies, are welcome.)

(d) Energy supply and/or demand modelling; either in a global context, or – if the model is more focused – where the results are potentially of global relevance.

(e) Analysis or modelling that links energy price to levels of economic activity; on a global, regional, or sectoral basis.


Abstract specifications:

The abstract limit of 200 words excludes title, author name(s), affiliation(s), contact details of the submitting author – details which must be clearly supplied; as well as Table or Figure content and legends. Abstracts may contain Tables or Figures but the whole abstract should be no larger than one page of A4 using a legible font.

Abstracts must clearly explain the topic, and give an indication of findings or conclusions already made (or expected), so that adequate judgement can be made of the work. Acceptance / rejection will be on the basis of the abstract alone, and authors are responsible for ensuring that posters brought to the conference are a reasonable match to the work described in the abstract.


Submission process:

Submit abstracts in Microsoft Word ‘.doc’, or Adobe ‘.pdf’ format to: at


Poster formatting:

Details of poster maximum size, orientation (e.g., portrait), and suggested font will be provided nearer the date of the conference. Posters will need to be in English, well presented, and of a font size legible from a distance of 1 m. Authors may submit abstracts for more than one poster where appropriate.