Day 1 | Fossil Fuels: Can we turn Unconventional into Conventional?

Presentation for the start of day 1
Dr. Euan Mearns, University of Aberdeen

Session 1 – The Limits to Easily Accessible Fossil Fuels:

Keynote Address on the Global Energy Challenges
Lord Ron Oxburgh, House of Lords UK Parliament

Limits to Global Energy Supply
Joint Paper convened by Dr. Roger Bentley, University of Reading, co-authored with Dr. Werner Zittel, Ludwig-Bölkow Systemtechnik

Perspectives on China’s Coal Industry and Future
Kevin Jianjun Tu
, Senior Associate Carnegie

The Architecture and Drivers of Future Oil Supply
Dr. Peter Jackson
, Head of Research IHS CERA

Russia’s Natural Gas Production & Export Policy
Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, Head Oil & Gas, Energy Research Institute Russian Academy of Sciences

Session 2 – Frontier Fossil Fuel Technologies and Basins:

The future of US shale/tight oil
Dr. Kenneth Chew
, Independent Unconventional Oil & Gas Analyst

Oil and gas recovery from continuous (unconventional) resources: Technology innovation options for improving the economic baseline
Dr. Ruud Weijermars
, Director TU/Delft Unconventional Gas Research Initiative

Key developments and challenges of Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques and CO2 Solutions
Prof. Mehran Sohrabi, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University

The long term prospects for Oil & Gas Production from the UK Continental shelf 
Prof. Alex Kemp, Professor of Petroleum Economics, University of Aberdeen

The current status of Underground Coal Gasification as a Commercial Technology
Peter Dryburgh, Wardell Armstrong

Gas to Liquids – an opportunity to convert natural gas for use in the transport sector
Guy de Kort, Shell Vice President GTL

Day 2 | The Future of the Electricity System

Presentation for the start of Day 2
Chris Vernon, University of Bristol

Session 1 – The viability of Nuclear Power:

Keynote Address
Dr. Jeremy Leggett, non-Executive chairman Solarcentury, Chairman Solaraid

The British nuclear power program: a failure of public policy?
Prof. Steve Thomas, Greenwich University

The costs and economic viability of nuclear energy
David Shropshire, Head Planning and Economic Studies, International Atomic Energy Agency

Trends towards Sustainability in the nuclear fuel cycle
Henri Palliere, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Generation IV fast reactors and the re-use of long-lived nuclear waste
Dr. Richard Stainsby, Chief Technologist, UK National Nuclear Laboratories

Session 2 – The challenges of a renewables based electricity grid:

Energy independence and interdependence: the Scottish context
Dr. Nicola McEwen, Director of Public Policy, Academy of Government, University of Edinburgh

The Benefits and Costs of Renewable Energy deployment – PRESENTATION 
The Benefits and Costs of Renewable Energy deployment – STUDY UPDATE 
Dr. Ulrike Lehr, Institute of Economic Structures Research GWS

Grid balancing and development in an era of renewable energies
Andrew Hiorns, Network Strategy Manager, National Grid UK

Demand side electricity grid management
Alastair Martin, Founder, Flexitricity

The potential and costs of electricity storage
Friedrich Schulte, Head of Technologies, RWE AG

Electrochemistry and the energy storage gap
Dr. David Fermin, University of Bristol

Day 3 | The Economics & Policy of Energy Systems

Presentation for the start of day 3
Rembrandt KoppelaarInstitute for Integrated Economic Research | Imperial College London

Understanding Energy Supply, Demand, Price, and the role of policies:

Keynote Address
Prof. Michael Jefferson, University of Buckingham

The energy outlook to 2030: Global Trends in energy-economic relations
Dr. Alexander Naumov, Group Economics, BP

The influence of price risks on policy design and investment
Dr. William Blyth, Director Oxford Energy Associates

The energy capital cost requirements of energy transitions
Dr. Michael Dale, Stanford University

The demand side: energy intensity of the economy
Dr. Sgouris Sgouridis, Masdar Institute

Closing speech
Dr. Jelte Harnmeijer, University of Edinburgh | Scene

Energy Modelling workshop questionnare summary slides